METOOMPLS: Minnesota artists releasing compilation album to support victims, raise awareness

On Oct. 2, Minnesota music artists are releasing a compilation album called METOOMPLS, featuring original songs “lovingly crafted in the pursuits of agency and equality,” according to a press release.

The project was born late this summer, explains the release: “After seeing sexual assault and discrimination stories, shared by Women/ Femmes/ Trans/ Non-Binary Folk artists in the Minneapolis music scene, this project was created as a way to support victims, raise voices and awareness, and to help fund the profoundly important work that Planned Parenthood does.”

Participating artists include Chastity Brown (“Afraid of the Night”), Tina Schlieske (“What Would You Pay [Dear Harvey]”), Lydia Liza (“Apple in My Pocket”), Mary Bue (“How to Forgive Your Rapist”), Annie Mack (“Judge and Jury”), and a dozen more. Many of the songs can be previewed via the project’s Facebook page[1].

The project will launch on Sept. 24 with a livestreamed release show[2] hosted by The Current’s Andrea Swensson – who will also dedicate the Sept. 20 episode of the Local Show to the project. Album preorders are now available via Bandcamp[3].

The accounts of abuse shared this summer led to a widespread reckoning that saw multiple men in the music scene sharing reflections and apologies. Rhymesayers Entertainment dropped deM atlaS and Pro[4]f from their roster, and three artists launched a campaign to open Minnesota’s only music venue owned by women of color[5]. (A crowdfunding campaign for that venue has since been discontinued as the proprietors seek other funding sources[6].)

“All the songwriters involved were asked to write and record an original song on the subject of #MeToo,” explains the press release. “Without any further guidelines, the artists delivered songs ranging from heartbreaking songs about surviving sexual assault to inspiring songs about feminist icons and their influence on their lives.”

METOOMPLS track listing

1. Ashleigh Still – Not F–kin’ Around 3:01
2. Lydia Liza – Apple in My Pocket 3:12
3. Mary Bue – How to Forgive Your Rapist 3:00
4. Sarah Morris – Like It’s Gospel 4:00
5. Annie Mack – Judge and Jury 3:38
6. Linnea Mohn – A Part 3:26
7. Mayda – Oxygen Tank 3:10
8. Tina Schlieske – What Would You Pay (Dear Harvey) 4:14
9. Chastity Brown – Afraid of the Night 3:26
10. Ang Oase (ft. Christin Light) – Breakup Song 3:01
11. Annie Fitzgerald – I Know That Sound 3:53
12. Elska – On the Shoulders of Giants 4:04
13. r0 (Static Panic) – Sides to Lonely 5:01
14. Katy Vernon – Shine 4:59
15. Kara Laudon – I Do 3:13
16. Averil Bach – Radiation Blues 3:50
17. JØUR – Won’t Stop Me Now 3:32

1 2